"SILVER WHITE SPECIAL LIPS - BLACK BACKGROUND" 20"x 30" Painting on Metal or Canvas.

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This Painting is a 20"x 30” Open Edition of a Marquis Leo Original. This painting is available on Metal for a striking glossy contemporary look and high visual appeal, or High Quality Canvas with UV resistant varnish seal for a more traditional look, 1.5" Gallery wrapped with Dry kilned Lumber, to prevent any future warping. Ready to hang Hardware Included  Please select either sub-strait: Metal or Canvas.

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Marquis Leo Paintings come in Open Editions and Limited Editions. Open editions are released on demand as a cost efficient option for the light Art Collector. 

NOTE: Click the tab for any Collection and it will open categories for 12x18” (open editions), 16x24” (open editions)  20x30” (open editions),

24x36” (Limited Editions; 299), 32x48” (Limited Editions:99), 40x60” (Limited Editions:99), 48x72” (Limited Editions:49).

We have hundreds of stunning images and a variety of color schemes available in our 5 major collections.

For the Serious Collector who sees Art as a long term Investment, I offer Limited Editions with LOW numbered certificates of Authenticity. This maintains the prestige of owning pieces that very few people can possess.